St. D's CrestSt. Dunstan's Theatre

Sunday & Monday, July 30 & 31, 2017

St. Dunstan's Theatre Guild of Cranbrook is pleased to announce Open Auditions for


Music & Lyrics by William Finn
Book by William Finn & James Lapine

Production Staged By Andrew McMechan
Co-Director and Choreographer: Rachel Biber
Musical Directior: Dianne Cragg
Assistant Director: Kathy Brooks Burch
Set and Lighting Design: Obie Burch

Production Team: Katherine DeBiase; Roberta Campion; Victoria Costantini

Performs in the Pavilion October 6 - 22, 2017

St. Dunstan's Theatre Pavilion
400 Lone Pine Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

1992 Tony Winner /2017 Tony Nominee! Depicting a modern family before its time, this groundbreaking musical revolves around the lives of a charming, intelligent, neurotic gay man and his wife, his lover, his about-to-be-Bar-Mitzvah-ed son, their psychiatrist, and (last but not least) the two lovable lesbians from next door. It's a poignant and bittersweet — and at times humorous — look at the paths taken in life that are beautiful reminders that love can tell a million stories. No one who enters
Falsettoland comes out unchanged.


Sunday, July 30 at 7:00 PM (check in beginning 6:30) Individual vocal auditions. Group dance auditions will follow.

Monday, July 31 at 7:00 PM (check in beginning 6:30) Continue individual vocal and group dance auditions for new auditionees.

Monday, July 31 at 8:00 PM - Callback Auditions, by invitation
**You may be asked to sing, dance, and/or read at callback auditions. (There is no spoken dialogue in Falsettos, but we may adapt song lyrics as spoken dialogue for scene work.)




  • Auditionees should prepare two pieces of music [16 bars each] that demonstrate vocal range.
    (You may only be asked to sing one but you should have two prepared.)
  • Selection One: All auditionees must prepare at least one song from the show.

    * If called back, you may be asked to sing additional cuts from the show.
  • Selection Two: One vocal selection can be a ballad/slow song or up-tempo song from a musical. Please bring sheet music for the accompanist, marked neatly with intro, start and stop of the selected 16 bars for each of the prepared songs. No CDs or tapes, please. No singing a cappella.
  • Due to time constraints, each auditionee may only be asked to sing one of his/her selections, but two should be prepared, so that the casting team has an option of hearing one or both.


  • Falsettos does not have much traditional choreography but is an energetic, athletic, kinetic show requiring physical coordination and stamina. If invited to call backs, please be prepared to dance / move if asked.


Rehearsal Info:
Regular rehearsals will be 4 days a week, starting August 7, 2017, typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 7:00pm; Sunday afternoons or evenings depending on cast preference. Tech Sunday is October 1; Mon;Wed following (Oct 2-4) are dress/tech rehearsals. Falsettos is an ensemble show and strong preference will be given to those with minimal schedule conflicts.

Performance Info:
Falsettos opens Friday October 6, 2017 and runs three weekends, through October 22. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8 (Oct 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21) and Sunday at 2pm (Oct 8, 15, 22). PLEASE NOTE: Unlike our usual schedule, St. D's is closing with a Sunday matinee. The cast is expected to stay after the closing show to assist with strike.


Falsettos is blessed with characters that all transform throughout the play; everyone grows to become more than what they were.

Marvin 30's - 50's Baritone (low A to E)
The turbulent center of the disintegrating and re-forming family; Marvin is outwardly successful but inwardly conflicted, with the unfortunate tendency to inflict his inner conflict on his loved ones.

Whizzer 20's - 40's Tenor (low Bb to G)
Marvin's lover, comfortable with who he is, confident in public as a gay man. This is one of the great tragic roles of all time.

Trina 30's - 40's Mezzo-Soprano (low A to E)
Marvin's wife; she struggles to hold family together but learns traditions cannot be imposed, they have to grow from within.

Mendel 30's-50's Baritone (Bb to high C#)
The nerdy but kind family psychiatrist who has to confront his parenting theories in real time as he pursues a relationship with Trina and the family. A more physical part, greater dancing requirements.

Jason Tenor about 13 years old
(low G to E)
Marvin's confused son, not ready to accept family or religious traditions without understanding them on his own terms. Jason leads the splintered family to healing when he decides to have the Bar Mitzvah.

Dr. Charlotte 30's-60's Mezzo-Soprano (low B to bE)
An Emergency Room doctor trying to earn respect as both a lesbian and a woman, she confronts the unknown disease attacking the emerging gay community.

Cordelia 20's-60's Soprano (low A to bE)
The non-Jewish Kosher caterer, partner to Dr. Charlotte, who only wants to spread happiness through good Jewish cuisine, like gefilte fish.

Upcoming Auditions

Auditions: Sunday, July 30 and Monday, July 31
Performance Dates: October 6 - 22, 2017